Why Use Scribes?

  • Increase provider productivity
  • Improve provider morale by alleviating cumbersome documentation
  • Decrease physician overtime
  • Increase patients seen by .5 patients per hour
  • Increase billing revenue and ICD-10 compliance
  • Decrease patient wait times
  • Alleviate left without being seen’s
  • Increase patient satisfaction
I have been using scribes since 2009 and at this point in my career I would not work anywhere that I didn’t have a scribe.  I can see .5 patients more an hour due to having a scribe.  I’m out on time everyday instead of hours and hours after a shift.   My charts are very concise and I feel very confident that if I ever had a malpractice claim that my documentation is air-tight.  I have used other scribe services and none have compared to INScribe.  They are a local company and if I have any issue at all I can make a single phone call and have the issue resolved.

-Dr. Marc Estes, MD, FACEP – Emergency Room Physician & Medical Director

INScribe has made an enormous impact on the care that our admitting hospitalists provide on a daily basis. Since using the scribes we have seen improvements in not only the job satisfaction of our individual providers on an incredibly busy shift, but we have also seen improvements in patient satisfaction, patient throughput from the ED, care variation, and timeliness of documentation. I honestly can no longer imagine this shift without scribes.
Dr. James Emerson, MD – Hospitalist


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