How long are shifts?

Shifts range from 4 to 12 hours in length.


How many hours do scribes work a month?

We request all scribes work a minimum of 54 hours a month. We also have full-time positions available (160+ hours per month).


What departments can you scribe in?

You can scribe in a variety of departments such as ENT, GI, ER, Neurology, Cardiology, General Surgery, and Hospitalist Department.


Do I have to be in a medicine-related major to apply?

No! Our current scribes come from all majors – you just need a willingness to learn medical terminology and have an interest in the medical field.


Do I need to know how to scribe before applying?

We have an extensive classroom training program dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know about scribing before you even hit the floor for hands-on training.


How long does the training process take?

We ask all incoming scribes plan for approximately two weeks of classroom training (this may be less, depending on which department you hire into). For hands-on training, most scribes are successful and ready to be independent after 5-8 training shifts.


What medical facilities do scribes work at?

Currently have opportunities at IU Arnett hospital and IU Health clinics in Lafayette, IU White Hospital in Monticello, as well as the IU Monroe Hospital in Bloomington, IN.