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INScribe History

After a group of emergency room physicians had some trial and errors with a previous scribing company, INScribe was born. These physicians decided to employ their own scribes themselves, slowly taking over scribing at sites they serviced. In 2017, they finally created their own company, known as INScribe today.


About INScribe

INScribe is a physician-owned company that staffs scribes in various departments such as: ENT, GI, Family Practice, Neurology, Cardiology, Hospitalists, ER, Surgery, and Remote Opportunities. Scribes are typically trained over a course of 5 weeks through a combination of classroom and clinical sessions. All scribes are trained in varying EMR Systems (Cerner, Epic, and IRP Imaging Systems). Over 75% of our scribes are cross-trained in multiple departments, after meeting a certain set of standards.

Our scribes pursue a variety of majors, including Biochemistry, Biology, Brain and Behavioral Sciences, Chemistry, Genetics, Health Sciences, Kinesiology, Medical Lab Sciences, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Nursing, and Psychology. The majority of our scribes have a pre-professional focus to their studies, and attend medical school, nursing school, or physician assistant school after their tenure at INScribe.