Learn More About Scribes

What are Medical Scribes?

Medical Scribes specialize in the documentation of provider-patient encounters in real time. They have the critical responsibility of charting, which ultimately allows the provider to spend more time interacting with the patient and providing patient care. Scribes compile the information from the provider and the patient and enter it into Cerner, the electronic medical record (EMR) system.

Scribes at INScribe work side-by-side with over 60 physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants at four Indiana University Health hospitals in northwest Indiana and are able to observe these medical specialties first-hand.

Why be a Medical Scribe?

If you are interested in becoming a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, nurse, paramedic, medical technician, or are interested in a career in health care in general, scribing is the perfect segue into one of those careers. Scribing is the foundation upon which aspiring medical professionals gain experience and build relationships. Scribing allows each candidate to network with other healthcare providers and develop contacts for future references. Joining the team of medical scribes offers a rare opportunity to gain practical experience in the medical field by documenting every aspect of a patient’s encounter. Scribes are not only shadowing the physician, but they also learn the medical decision making behind each encounter. They learn about medications, the pathology of certain diseases, etc.

Any person who is interested in a pre-health profession, or has a desire to work in the health field would benefit largely from a position as a medical scribe. Scribes work one-on-one with a daily provider who acts as a mentor and provides knowledge outside of any textbook or classroom setting. Obtaining a position as a medical scribe is highly competitive and is an exceedingly rewarding experience. Apply now!

Why join INScribe?

Our scribes provide clinical documentation of patient-physician interactions in various medical settings including Emergency, Internal Medicine, ENT, Gastroenterology, Family Medicine, and Intensive Care Departments. INScribe prides itself in allowing our scribes the unique opportunity of working in various departments.

Unlike other large, corporate-based scribe companies, INScribe is a local company that provides individualized guidance to our scribe staff. Additionally, we have a strong working relationship with Indiana Emergency Care, a private practice group of Emergency Medicine physicians whom INScribe medical scribes assist in staffing.

Our providers develop professional relationships with scribes and make every shift in the all departments enjoyable. INScribe administration knows how to cater to each scribe, as all administration personnel were once scribes (or still are!).

All scribes receive weekly feedback as well as monthly statistics regarding progress. At INScribe we operate on a tiered self-scheduling system, which allows scribes to craft their own schedules on a monthly basis. We offer competitive pay and several opportunities for promotions and raises as well as reward programs.


  1. At least 18 years of age
  2. High school diploma or equivalency
  3. Proven interest in medical field and capacity to learn medical terminology
  4. Strong organization, planning and time management skills.
  5. Ability to adjust to changing schedules, projects and priorities.
  6. Strong written and oral communication skills.
  7. Willingness to work weekends and holidays as necessary.
  8. Ability to pass pre-employment drug screen.
  9. Ability to provide proof of MMR, Varicella and Hepatitis B vaccination.
  10. Ability to provide proof of 2 negative TB tests in the last 12 months.
  11. Ability to provide proof of flu vaccination in season and/or willingness to obtain during the upcoming flu season.
  12. Ability to understand and speak English fluently.
  13. Physical Requirements: Position requires the ability to stand for sustained periods and move from room to room frequently, normal range of hearing and vision.

Contract Requirements

  1. Minimum one-year contract, but flexible in regards to school breaks
  2. Part-Time: Work 40-80 hours per month
  3. Full-Time: Work 160 hours per month