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Heather H., Former Scribe

"I am currently a second-year medical student and there is not a single day that goes by that my scribing experience has not helped me in my classes and clinical rotations. Especially since INScribe allowed me to work with a variety of different departments to get a well-rounded exposure to different specialties/pathologies. I am forever thankful for my experience at INScribe and couldn't recommend it more to anyone who is pursuing a career in healthcare."

Emily L., Former Scribe

"I feel like scribing gave me really good exposure to seeing certain disease processes and disorders in real patients. It also totally prepared me to do assignments during didactic year regarding charting. Now on rotations, I’m already doing my own full notes because I had such a well-rounded experience scribing in so many different departments."

Hanna M., Former Scribe

"Yeah! Well being a scribe definitely affirmed my decision to pursue medicine in a way that was much more powerful than simply shadowing a physician, because I was actually involved in the day-to-day life of a physician and could firsthand witness the process of medical decision making. It’s actually helping me a lot in my first year of medical school, especially in our clinical class because I already am familiar with EMR documentation and the process of taking a history/physical."

Adam S., Former Scribe

"Working at INScribe gave me the experience to convey to schools that I know what the work of a physician entails and have solid reasons for wanting to become one myself. I had numerous reflections and stories from my time scribing that I wrote about and recounted during interviews, which was incredibly valuable. From the perspective of applying to medical schools with solid experiences to ground my application, scribing is towards the top of the list."

John A., Former Scribe

"This past year, I learned a lot about the various patients a neurologist sees and the daily activities of a physician. The process of documenting patient interactions, from their initial consultation to the final assessment, has deepened my understanding of patient treatment. This experience has been invaluable in my journey to becoming a physician. I’m grateful for the experience of learning and growing as a scribe during my time in the clinic."